Going on a safari can be very exciting, leaving you with precious memories about the places you visit. It is however important to consider taking great photos of the places you visit and different things you encounter. It is always important to be prepared and know how to get the best out of your safari as only by so doing will you be able to make the most out of your trip. There are various tips that could help you to choose the best photographic safari thus giving you an experience like no other.

Choosing the best photographic trip

Before looking into some points on how you can choose the best tour, it is paramount to understand that there is a major difference between photography safaris and wild safaris. It is possible to go for a wildlife safari and take a number of photos but this does not necessarily translate the safari into a photo expedition. The focus of the two tours is always different with photographic tour focusing more on quality rather than quantity. Photographic safaris are more concerned about those amazing encounters that leave you enthralled. Here is how you can choose the best safari that leaves you with timeless memories.

Check the number of participants: – Photo shoot expeditions should not be too crowded. In most cases, it will be good to book a trip that has less than 12 participants. The fewer the participants, the better for you as this will allow you to get the best shots possible. Additionally, it is good to check the ratio of participants against that of guides in the safari. This will help ensure that you get adequate one on one advice and tips on how to go about your safari.

Consider the kind of vehicles used in the safaris: – You can get the best out of your photographic safari based on the kind of vehicles used in the same. It is good to have vehicles that allow participants to move or turn around without restrictions so that you can be able to focus your lenses whenever the moment presents itself. The vehicle of choice should also have a small group to avoid people jockeying whenever there is need to take the shots. Most camps normally use pop up roof hatch or open sided vehicles for greater views.

Consider the destination: – The destination for the safari will determine the kind of experience you get. It is good to consider the kind of animals in the destination and consider whether they are the ones you desire to see. Additionally, plan your safari for a specific time of the year especially when the destination of choice has the best times. For example, if you want to get the best wildebeest photographs, it is good to plan for the migration season and plan to be in the Maasai Mara. Additionally, you should consider taking your safari in some destinations during the dry seasons when most animals are coming out of their hiding in search of lush green vegetation. This means that both predators and prey will be congregating around waterholes and rivers in search of water.

Once you have settled on the destination and the time, the next thing will be to look for a good company to use for your travel. You could also assemble your own group and see how it works out for you.