Barcelona is a stunning place to visit particularly if you enjoy photography as there is some incredible sites with buildings by Gaudi:-

Guell Park, Porters lodge – this stunning building is inspired by the byzantine style with its mosaic covered tower that really stands out from its traditional surrounds of fairly normal looking buildings making Porters lodge look comparably even more impressive.

Bell towers of Sagrada Familia – these amazing bell towers are vibrantly coloured again in a mosaic style but look ultra-modern, they are actually still under construction and have been for over 100 years! Even in complete they are well worth seeing and photographing against a perfect sky backdrop.

Guell Park, Dragon fountain – now this really is a great place to get some fabulous photos, this beautiful fountain depicts a large colourful dragon that is very in keeping with Gaudi’s typical style. The detail that’s show on this sculpture really needs a good quality camera to get an image that will do the fountain the justice it deserves.

Whatever you chose to photograph in Barcelona make sure you have plenty of disk space as you certainly will need it.