Hiring a photographer for your wedding can be a huge expense. Most wedding photographers charge between £1000-£2000 for the day plus the prints. This can put a huge strain on a wedding budget especially if you do not have much money to play with. There are ways of cutting down on this cost or avoiding it altogether.

Some people decide to just have a photographer for a few hours during the ceremony and afterwards for the family photos. This can nearly half the cost but is still a lot to fork out. Other brides and grooms have asked friends and family to bring cameras along and take pictures and then send them through to the newlyweds to allow them to create their own album. This is by far the cheapest option but does mean you run the rick in not getting the photos that you want. You can also contact the local college or university to ask if there are any photographers that are training that may be able to assist for a lower fee than a professional photographer.